Your Mission Statement, Should You Accept It

Here is the challenge for you. What is your mission statement?
Every company has a mission statement.  I think that the best ones are short, like Google’s, which is “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”   The mission statement provides guidelines on the services a company offers, the standards of that company, and the goals that company has. This is a place to keep things simple and lay out the big picture.
How does this translate into your personal life? After all, you are not a company, you don’t have customers, nor stakeholders. Or do you? After all you provide a lot of services: as a parent, an employee, a volunteer, a member of your community, and many other ways.  You have customers or clients: your kids, parents, employees, community members, and friends. And, hopefully, you are in the black financially, although most of these relationships are cannot be measured with money.
There is a short song by Alice Gerrard called Get Up And Do Right. This is not a bad mission statement for anyone’s life who is unsure right now. You may have a passion or an interest you follow that you want to include in your mission statement. You may have a service you provide either as a person, employee, or through a business. That could also be part of your mission statement.

Whenever your mission statement is, make sure it provides focus for your life.  Once you have defined your mission statement, achieving your goals is going to be a lot easier.  The mission statement can provide direction.  If you want to do something like write a novel, climb mount Everest, become a volunteer firefighter, help the homeless in your community, or run a lawn care business, you can see how those things fit with your mission statement.

I have been talking about mission statements, but what is mine? I really need to put more thought into that. For right now I am going to adopt “Get up and do right”.   But I will put more thought into it. When I get there, I will write a follow up.

I encourage anyone reading this to think about your life, think about the mission you want in your life, and write that down. Just like anything, and obviously like mine, it doesn’t have to be complicated or exact and can change over time.  Starting with an idea and then honing at is a great way to get to a final product.  Discuss it with people you know.

Then make it your mission to use that statement and enjoy the new clarity that comes to your life.


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