Feedback – Enjoy The Noise

I am sure you have experienced the kind of feedback you get when someone holds a microphone too close to an amp.  It can be very annoying and occasionally even painful.

That is not the kind of feedback I’m talking to go up about though.  This kind of feedback is one of the sweetest sounds you have ever heard. I am talking about all of the opinions and ideas and criticisms that people have about your project.  You want to hear all of them.

In fact, you want to go out of your way to make it easier for people to get feedback to you.  You want to encourage it, you want to solicit it, you want to work with them so that they feel as if that if they don’t give you feedback they are doing something wrong.

You want to start this from day one of your project, even before you know all of your project goal.

This seems like a lot of extra work.  It might be.  But if it is, that is because you have some holes in your project.  And the more work you do up front in the beginning to fix them and anticipate what problems you might have down the road, the less work you’re going to have overall.  It is also a great way become an innovator, working with people to apply their ideas to your project.

No matter how long you have been an a position, or doing a job, or whatever kind of experience you have, you are one of tens or hundreds or thousands or millions in that field.  And you don’t do everything, even if you own your own company.  Everybody else that works with you and for you is getting a full year of experience with every year they work.  And they are seeing things that you don’t see, hearing things that you don’t hear, and vice versa.  So if you are encouraging feedback and constructive criticism, then relationships with those people (read: everyone) are going to be extremely valuable.

So set up multiple ways for people to get that feed back to you.  It does not have to come directly to you but it needs to rise to a level where it will be taken into account.  If all of the members of your project team are doing the same thing, you will have an awesome project.

Encourage it, build it, reward it.


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