Recognition – Do You Know What It Looks Like?

Are you taking the time to recognize team and individual accomplishments? Are you identifying and rewarding people that have done a great job?  Lets’s talk about the how and why of this.

In general, there’s a lot of work to be done.  And that work will get done, but as it gets time, take the time to recognize the people that are doing it for the good work they’re doing.   This can be an afterthought because there is so much to do that this seems like a minor thing that is a waste of time and resources.

There are a several phases to a project.  The end phases are the self rewarding ones.  Building, testing, implementation and then optimization.  These phases are much more fun because things actually get because there are results to see at the end of each phase.

But generally, in each project there is planning, gathering information, doing background work, and grinding through the things that don’t necessarily yield immediate results, but need to be done to build the foundation of the project.  This is the time you should be especially vigilent, because you are also setting a tone.

There are two reasons to recognize people for their contributions all through the project.  The first is that it demonstrates two that team members what you are expecting from them and what good work looks like.

This second reason is that it keeps people motivated. When they put in hard work, and especially when they go above expectations and exceed requirements, that should be rewarded. If they come up with great ideas that can be implemented, especially if they to start taking the steps to implement them that should be rewarded.

Now, how do you reward them.  The rewards can be virtually cost free. You can recognize them in front of the group, you can tell their manager what a great job they are doing, you might have a small budget for gift certificates or something like that.  You might pull them aside in private and tell them they are doing a great job.  You might send them on a trip to Hawaii.

It all depends on what you have the budget for and, this is important, and what kind of recognition really motivates that person. Some people a lot of recognition in front of a group, other people would much rather you call their manager or told them in private.

You can make this a lot of fun.  You can hand out certificates or print your own award documents.  The sky is the limit. I have read about and actually worked with some people that award one or more people at each meeting based on how much they participated and how much they added to the discussion or project at that meeting.

It’s really up to you and top two what you think would motivate your team the best.  The key is that you actually do recognize people when they’re doing good work.   People like to hear that they are doing the right thing when they are.   So take the time to recognize that people are doing a great job.  Your team will work better, their skills will improve,
and everyone will have a better time while making your project soar.


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